At HuProTec, we design and build machines that extract water from humidity in the air, efficiently, economically and autark


HUPROTEC is a solution provider focusing on producing clean and drinkable water by extracting water vapor from air, with a professional R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service team.

HUPROTEC parent company is a leading manufacturing group with more than 5 years of experience developing and manufacturing commercial dehumidifier, we are capable to deliver competitive solutions to relieve the crisis of lacking drinking water in some parts of the world, with our group’s financial and industrial capability support.

With patented technology, HUPROTEC atmospheric water generators for industrial use have different sizes to be used in wide range scenarios, such as remote petroleum sites onshore or offshore, large mining sites, construction sites, rural areas, army bases and other decentralized residential places where couldn’t get the access to clean and drinkable water.


About AWG`s

AWG Development and Production Capacity Our R&D team has been focusing on the development of dehumidify technologies and water purifying system for almost 5 years here and start manufactured the AWG since 2022.

Air water generator have been improved, we have models like: 250L/D, 500L/D, 1`000L/D, 2`000L/D and 3`000L/D. (smaller models Home-use on request.)
Patented, air water generator technology.
Patented, totally self-sufficient “autark“ solution.

AWG Advanage

The latest versions have:

  • Much lower Power consumption
  • Complete Eco inner structure
  • Refreshing outlooking design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Humanized control system
  • OEM/ODM accepted

Compare with other models, our machines are much more economical, which is found from large research and customers feedback.

Power consumption comparison

Water production Working condition consumption Other suppliers Save power
500L/D 30℃/80% 4.3kwh 6.5kwh-12kwh 34%-65%
1000L/D 30℃/80% 8.7kwh 13kwh-25.5kwh 33%-65%
2000L/D 30℃/80% 17.5kwh 25.5kwh-50kwh 30%-65%


1Air Intake

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) extract water from humidity in the air. Moist ambient air is pulled into the HPT® unit by fans. Multi-layer air filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne parcles, the mineralization filter gives the pure drinking water his minerals.

2Water Extract

Next, the air is drawn through a series of condensing coils, where water vapor is cooled down sufficiently to reach the dew point. This converts water vapor into droplets. Additionally, all HPT® units are equipped with advanced PLC microcomputer control system and multiplex detecting sensors technology, which make sure all parts inside the machine working normally and easier to be monitored. With patented advanced heat exchange system and internal energy recycle technology, the power consumption is 30 – 65% lower than traditional atmospheric water generator in the market.

3Water ``Cleaning``

High quality materials and multi-layer filtration system to ensure quality guaranteed potable water. Only high-quality stainless steel, aluminum foil, air and water filtration systems are used in HPT® atmospheric water generators, since all components contact with potable water are strictly following National Standards for Drinking Water guidelines. With Airfilter+PPF+GAC+PPF+RO+LED UV sterilizer to filter particles and remove bacteria in air and water effectively, passing our mineralization filter Bio Energy our HPT® atmospheric water generator produces high quality potable water.PURE, FRESH, MINERALIZED

Working mechanism of HUPROTEC Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator


HUPROTECAtmospheric Water Generator extract water from humidity in the air

  1. The ambient air is pulled into the AWG by fans, and the dust, pollen and other particles are blocked out by the air filter.
  2. The air is going through condensing coils, where the water vapor is cooled down to reach the dew point. Then the water vapor converts into water and the water is collected by a storage tank which is made of high-quality stainless steel
  3. With the internal water pump pushing, the collected water is purified when going through a multi-level filtration system, which leads all the possible particles and bacteria in air and water are being removed effectively
  4. At last, the water come out and safe to drink.

Renewable & Eco-friendly

Atmospheric water generations on taps into nature's water cycle, mimicking conditions inside a cloud.

Ultra-pure & Delicious Water

The multistage filters process produces supreme quality drinking water.PURE, FRESH, MINERALIZED


The system can be scaled to meet the needs of any facility.

Plug & Use

No assembly is required. All single container units are 100% turnkey and delivered ready-for-use.

Self-contained & Weatherproof

Custom-designed shelter protects from exposure to ambient conditions and unauthorized access.

1-year Standard Warranty

Conditions apply. An extended warranty is available upon request.

20+ Years Lifespan

Only high-quality parts and materials are used. The units are built to last and require extremely low maintenance.


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