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A: Sure, both solar power system and wind power system can be integrated, once the equivalent power input provided

B:The pH value is around 6.5-7.6. And the optional mineral filter can be provided if requested.

C:We suggest the air filters to be checked once a month and cleaned by washing, if needed. Every 3-6 months for the water filters and every 12-18 months for the reverse osmosis after you start to use, which is depend on the quality of ambient air and the actual usage. The LED-UV light needs to be cleaned or replaced every 12-18 months. Water storage tank needs to be empty and cleaned every 6 months

D:The warranty period of overall machine is 1 year. And 3 years for the 4 core parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator and motor. Damage to the product due to misuse, not following user manual, improper environmental placement are not being covered.

E:Generally, there are 2 kinds of environment condition given when suppliers promote their atmospheric

water generators in the market, 30°C & RH-80% and 27°C & RH-60%.

HUPROTEC prefer to use 27°C & RH-60% for industrial use since it is more common in the real environment. And HUPROTEC atmospheric water generators for industrial use can produce around 1.6 times water if base on 30°C & RH-80%.


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