Maritime Pure Water

Introducing the HPT300-M Pure Water System, your ultimate solution for maritime adventures!

Dive into the world of water with this atmospheric water generator (AWG), setting a new standard for drink water production at sea.

Crafted for maritime excellence, the HPT300-M is a true champion capable of producing an impressive up to 500 liters of water per day. Installation is a breeze – strategically place the system on your ship, secure it, and connect it to power. No complicated setup, no lengthy processes – just plug and play!

To ensure an abundant water supply on board, an integrated 2000-liter tank maximizes efficiency, eliminating the need for cumbersome handling of external tanks. As an additional option, the HPT300-M can seamlessly connect to an external food-grade LLDPE Pure Water tank, providing storage capacity beyond the internal 2000L tank. This flexibility allows you to customize your water storage based on the demands of your maritime journey.

The outer shell, constructed from stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant coated components ensure robustness in the harshest maritime conditions. Safety is our top priority!
During turbulent sea conditions or heavy rain, remotely controlled, deactivate the HPT300-M, and all essential components, including air intakes and outlets, will be automatically closed and securely sealed, to prevent the ingress of seawater or rain. Experience worry-free operation with the automatic on/off function that monitors the internal or external (option) tank level.

Invest in your maritime future with the HPT300-M by HuProTec and say goodbye to the hassle of loading pallets with plastic drinking water bottles for your next voyage. Eliminating plastic bottle waste is a significant advantage for the environment and ship management. Embrace the sustainable solution with the HPT300-M by HuProTec, your reliable choice for marine water production.

Discover a new dimension of water – efficient, practical, and reliable! Optimize your water experience with the HPT300-M AWG for Maritime, and count on HuProTec for pure, fresh, mineralized drinking water.

Enhance your maritime future with efficiency and peace of mind.                                                             


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